Silence for the do-er

In the fast paced world we live in, working a dynamic job, traveling weekly, getting my fix for financial information, staying up to date with current events and maintaining a social life I find my self overwhelmed with stimuli at times.

Dont get me wrong, I crave stimuli. I need stimuli. But too much can take its toll on me.

Two weeks ago I traveled to San Diego, while I had a sinus infection, then to Sacramento and a day before that I was in Florida for a week and a few other places. My point is I was all over the place and starting to run myself into the ground.

A woman frantically running through the airport chaos in need of silence to relax.

I found myself putting in my headphones, watching a few youtube videos on current events and leaving the headphones in, without any noise being played.

It helped minimize the chaos.

People would leave me alone. I could zone out in a hectic place like LAX. Where loud noises and commotion can drive your heart rate and blood pressure up if you’re already stressed.

It was necessary to keep my sanity at the time.

Right around the time of that experience I found the following article on facebook; “The Busier you Are, the More you Need Quiet Time” by Justin Talbot-Zorn and Leigh Marz. It was in the Harvard Business Review so I was super interested.

The Harvard crest next to the Harvard Business Review logo. A story about how silence is good when living a fast paced life.

It basically explains what I had experienced during that hectic travel time.

Tl;dr: take time to experience silence and/or minimize noise if you live a fast paced lifestyle becuase its good for your mental, and in turn, physical health.

HBR Article



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