Sensory Deprivation Tank: My Case Study


Sensory deprivation tanks are great for clearing you mind and getting into a meditative state, especially if you’re stressed or anxious.

Almost a year ago, before Felice Marketing was my everything, I had a high stress job.

I was the director of marketing & product development for an industrial commercial laundry business. Like the one Walter White cooked his meth underneath.

Well every cruise ship has its own laundry two floors below the main deck. I had the responsibility of managing a fleet of these ships.

I’d fly around the globe work on them when they needed help, install new systems and teach them how to use them, take inventory of what they have and don’t have, and just generally make sure they felt well taken care of.

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It was a decent gig, for the most part. I got to make a trip to Italy once. You can check out the pictures and videos from that trip here.

So now for the sensory deprivation part…

One ship I had to meet in San Diego. It was only in port for a few hours so I knew I had to be quick. When I got on board and down to the laundry, everything was messed up.

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They were missing things they reported to already have. Things were not working that were supposed to be working, blah blah blah.

It was not ideal.

I had to rush to get all the inventory taken before the ship sailed off to sea after putting out the other fires.

Well I got it done just in the nick of time. It was soooo stressful.

It was one of those experiences where you feel like you probably shaved a few years off your life.

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As I was walking off the gang way I recalled reading an article about Sensory Deprivation Tanks and how relaxing they were and how good they were for anxiety, etc.

I thought this was the right tool for the job. Did a quick Google search for the nearst spot and found Flot- San Diego.

Called an uber and was on my way.

You start by checking in then get taken back to a small room with a shower and shower essentials and a towel where you’re left alone. They give you a heads up that when your 40 minute time is up they give a soft nock on the door so you know when to get out.

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You rinse off before hopping into this tank that kind of reminded me of one of those things they slide dead bodies into at the morgue, but not sketchy lol

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There are other versions that look like big wide eggs too.

I was so hyped when I got into the dark little tank. My heart was racing, and full of anxiety.

The silence, the darkness, the sensation of floating, make you feel like you’re floating in space in complete serenity.

No external stimuli can reach you through any of your senses.

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Theres, what I believe to be, epsom salt in the water which makes you boyant- creating the sensation of no gravity.

Once I calmed down and was able to relax after probably a couple minutes I lost track of time and honestly may have fallen asleep.

Its hard to say because you experience the same thing with your eyes open as you do with your eyes closed.

Eventually a soft knock brought me back to reality. I knocked back to acknowledge I heard her.

Then I showered, got changed and was outy.

The anxious feeling I walked in with was gone. I was cool, calm, and collected.

I haven’t gone since this experience but eventually will. Its like a more immersive way of meditating; which I’m super down with.

If you haven’t checked it out yet I strongly reccommend it. The spot I went to in San Diego was great. The girl that greated me was so nice and explained everything to make me feel comfortable.

Check them out here!



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