What should my blog topic be?

  • December 12, 2017
  • r & d

Finding a blog topic can be hard. I’ve spent considerable time on it myself. I want to create content that will engage an audience and be educational to at least some degree. I have a list of things I enjoy but none of them I want to soley focus on, so I’ve decided to start with a ‘potpourri’ of my interests.

Before I decided on a potpourri of my interests I did what anyone with a problem would do, I Googled It.


From what I read I gathered a few things:

1- Write about what you’re passionate about

A successful blog has a good amount of posts and are of decent size/word count. Do you really want to spend time writing about something you’re not passionate about?

2- Be a ‘leading learner’

You don’t have to be an expert on something to do a blog on it. Talk about your journey of trying to accomplish something or about trying to become a film producer in HollyWood and what mistakes you make and what you glean from them.

Yes there are plenty of people that are higher on the imaginary totem poll than you, but theres significantly more people that want to be a movie producer and never do didily squat about it. Your blog would at least have a market to those people!

I have an instagram for Felice Marketing and I enjoy following accounts I can relate to. Seeing other people that do what I do is cool. It almost lets me vizualize my goal better. Your blog can be that for someone else.

3- Just write stuff and pivot as needed.

I started this blog last year and this is my third post. I feel silly for having so few posts. I should have continued blogging, about anything really. Then as it starts to take shape I can review the content and decide which overall direction I want to take.



Tl;dr: Start writing now, about anything that doesn’t suck, and change as you please. Its your world, we just live in it; right?



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