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Flot Sand Diego- sensory deprivation tank

Sensory Deprivation Tank: My Case Study

TL; DR Sensory deprivation tanks are great for clearing you mind and getting into a meditative state, especially if you're stressed or anxious.…
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American football field at the fifty yard line

Human Element: A Solution to the NFL First Down Measuring Problem

TL; DR We 3D printed an impromptu invention to make football better. Situation The evening of December 17, 2017, I was sitting here…
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Why you should judge brands and how I do it

TL; DR Buy stuff from brands you agree with, because purchasing power is how our voices are heard.   Why Judge Brands Brands…
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How I experienced Italy in 5 days

TL; DR: I went to Italy for business and made a personal trip out of it in only 5 days. Scroll through the…
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